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You didn’t borrow money from your creditors with the intention of defaulting on your loans; however, despite laws that are meant to protect borrowers from harassment by collection agencies, you’re getting threatening calls at your home and work about delinquent accounts. Sometimes it’s just not possible to pay all of your bills and have enough left to live. To make matters worse, you may be worried about losing your home to foreclosure. Any bankruptcy attorney in the Indianapolis law firm Jeffries Law, LLC can offer solutions for Indianapolis area residents who have fallen behind on payments. We offer our clients immediate relief from creditors and collection agencies, and we are able stop foreclosure proceedings.

Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation Attorneys

At the law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates, our attorneys recognize that not every delinquent account necessarily requires a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We offer credit restructuring and negotiation services for our clients who may be able to recover from a temporary financial crisis without declaring bankruptcy. When it’s just not possible to bring your accounts current, however, we can walk you through the bankruptcy process so that you can begin restructuring your life.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Indiana

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “total discharge” of your creditors. If the bankruptcy courts approve you for Chapter 7, you will no longer owe money to most of your creditors at the end of the process. If you own a home and you’ve managed to maintain mortgage payments current, you can keep your home in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Indiana

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually approved by the courts when the petitioner has a source of income. Chapter 13 allows you to submit a five-year plan to the Indiana bankruptcy courts. If approved, you will be expected to work within the plan until you emerge from the bankruptcy.

The automatic stay applies to both types of bankruptcy. What this means is that once a creditor is informed that you have filed for bankruptcy, they cannot contact you without a court order. It also freezes the foreclosure process. For a more in depth discussion of Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and the automatic stay, contact the Hendricks County bankruptcy law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates.

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For nearly two decades, the attorneys of the Danville, Indiana law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates have been representing individuals and families in their bankruptcy proceedings and debt negotiations. We represent clients in Indianapolis, Danville, Avon, Hendricks, Montgomery, Putnam, Marion, Boone, Johnson, Morgan, and anywhere else in Central Indiana. To schedule an appointment at our Danville office, contact us at 317-718-7290

We have been designated as a debt relief agency under federal law. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.