Home Mortgage Renegotiation and Modification

Indianapolis, IN Law Firm Works with Clients to Renegotiate and Modify Mortgages

If you are facing an uncertain financial future, you have company. Millions of Americans are struggling to make their mortgage payments due to a number of factors, such as the slow economy and an unstable job market. At Danville, Indiana’s Jeffries Law, LLC, we have the experience necessary to help you keep your home, and keep your head above water in your mortgage payments. We know it is hard to feel like you have nowhere to turn, but help is here for you at Jeffries Law.

Avoiding Foreclosure

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are not your only options. When you are behind on your payments and fear losing the roof over your head, we, the Hendricks County law firm of Jeffries Law, can initiate negotiations with your lender. Loan modification or renegotiation is a process that allows the restructuring of the terms of your original mortgage loan. It can also save your home.

Renegotiating Mortgage Terms

The knowledgeable Central Indiana mortgage attorneys at Jeffries Law have twenty years of experience renegotiating the terms of a mortgage for Indiana homeowners, and we can help you, too. With our negotiation skills at work, homeowners find that they can afford to make payments and lenders can save money by avoiding the costly foreclosure process. Some options for renegotiating, or modifying, your mortgage may be:

  • Fixing or lowering the interest rate
  • Minimizing penalties and fees
  • Forgiveness of payment fees and defaults
  • Increasing the loan term
  • Capping monthly payments
  • Reducing the principal balance

Anyone who is behind on their payments or at risk of foreclosure can also potentially modify their mortgage. Hiring Indiana’s Jeffries Law to evaluate your current loan documentation and contracts before entering into negotiations with your lender could make the difference between saving and losing your home. Call us today to keep you and your family living the life you have come to know.

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Everyone’s financial situation is unique. However, the veteran mortgage renegotiation attorneys at Danville-Indianapolis area law office of Jeffries Law, LLC, have helped countless families stay financially afloat in hard times by working with them and their creditors to make monthly payments workable. We do all we can to make keeping your home a reality for you. If you are struggling with monthly mortgage bills and don’t know where to turn, call us today at our Marion County office at 317-451-8544. Don’t delay.