Student Loan Renegotiation and Reaffirmation

Central Indiana Law Firm Works with Students to Renegotiate and Reaffirm Loans

With the poor economy, the steadily increasing cost of tuition, and high interest rates, many recent college graduates find that, try as they may, they cannot make their student loan payments. With unpaid loans mounting, you may think that you will be stuck paying these loans off for the rest of your life. However, you do have options. By working with the Indianapolis Law Firm of Jeffries Law, LLC, you can renegotiate, reaffirm, or even discharge, your government and private student loans. It’s not too late to get help. We can help you stay out of mounting debt by working with creditors to settle for a more comfortable payment for you to make. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Who Qualifies for Renegotiation of Student Loan Debt?

As long as we are able to prove that you have a valid hardship in repaying your loans in accordance with the original terms, you may qualify for relief assistance with the repayment of your Indiana student loan debt. The veteran attorneys at Jeffries Law have been helping clients like you for two decades, and can help stop the garnishment of wages and even tax refund seizure. We can help you find programs that are available for both private and government-backed loans so that you can get your monthly loan repayments under control.

We can work with creditors eager to avoid the costly process of having to sue or hire a lawyer to deal with getting their student loan payments met. By contacting us, we can renegotiate and reaffirm your student loans so that you can begin the process of beginning your life after college without the heavy burden of debt dragging you down. We can help:

  • Stop tax refund seizure and wage garnishment
  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Create extended repayments plans through your loan provider
  • End any “delinquent status” on your record
  • Prevent permanent credit score damage

What About Student Loan Discharge?

It can be difficult to entirely discharge a student loan unless we are able to prove undue hardship in the repayment of the loan, or that due to a disability or other factors, repayment is nearly impossible. Contact us to discuss your options in lifting the burden of student loan debt off your shoulders.

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