The Hendricks County law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates, LLC represents individuals who have been accused of crimes of domestic violence in the State of Indiana. Often, a defendant and the alleged victim are closely related or well known to one another giving domestic violence crimes a unique composition. And there are often other considerations involved in a domestic violence arrest, like its impact on divorce, child custody, or visitation. Consequently, if you’ve been charged with a domestic crime in Indiana, you need an attorney who not only has experience defending clients against criminal charges, but also understands the ramifications of a domestic violence conviction. The criminal defense attorneys at the Indianapolis area law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates provide professional and compassionate representation for those accused in domestic incidents in Indiana.

Indiana Criminal Defense Attorneys with Outstanding Records in Jury Trials

The criminal defense lawyers of Michael Jeffries & Associates, LLC represent individuals who have been accused of:

*Spousal abuse * Confinement *Domestic assault/battery *Sexual battery *Child abuse *False imprisonment/kidnapping *Stalking *Parental abduction *Elderly abuse *Witness tampering *All other misdemeanor and felony crimes of domestic violence

Our domestic violence defense attorneys have unparalleled records of success when it comes to defending clients in criminal jury trials. Remember, however, that in order to secure a trial by jury, you must request this within the allotted time or you lose that right. Contact our Danville, Indiana office immediately.

Domestic Violence Arrests in Indiana

Law enforcement officers in places like Indianapolis and Hendricks County are often compelled by their police departments to make arrests in cases of domestic violence. Because of this, police officers will often arrest the party that they believe is mostly responsible for the altercation, even in instances where both parties are to blame. Sometimes the alleged victim will recognize his or her culpability in the incident and have a change of heart about pursuing charges. In cases like these, it’s helpful to have a criminal defense lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the various criminal courts around Central Indiana. Our criminal defense attorneys are adept at convincing the prosecuting attorneys in courts to dismiss or reduce charges of domestic violence.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Serving the Best Interests of the Clients

In addition to some of the toughest criminal defense lawyers in the business, the Indianapolis area law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates is also comprised of a team of family law attorneys. While most criminal defense firms concentrate solely on getting criminal charges reduced or dismissed, our legal team examines the long term impact of a domestic violence conviction on other considerations, such as divorce, child support and parenting time, and employment; however, remember that time is of the essence.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with domestic violence in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Danville, Avon or Lebanon or in Hendricks, Montgomery, Putnam, Marion, Boone, Johnson, Morgan or other Central Indiana county, you need to take a proactive approach to your criminal defense. Contact the attorneys at the criminal defense firm that has built its reputation on an unmatched success rate. To schedule an appointment at the Danville office of Michael Jeffries & Associates, contact us at 317-451-8544.