An attorney at Michael Jeffries & Associates, LLC will represent individuals who have been charged with DUI or DWI in Hendricks and surrounding counties. In the State of Indiana, if you are caught while in control of a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher, you can be convicted of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. DUI/DWI cases in Indiana, however, are extraordinarily complex and many officers make mistakes in their investigation or fail to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney at our firm will have a great deal of experience in drunk driving cases and are adept at exploiting flaws in the prosecution’s case. We have an outstanding success rate in the cases we have tried on behalf of our DUI/OWI clients in the Indiana criminal courts. We offer serious and aggressive defense to all of our DUI clients.

IN Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Individuals in DUI and Related Charges

The criminal defense lawyers of Michael Jeffries & Associates represent drivers’ accused of:

*Driving Under the Influence/Operating While Intoxicated *Second, third, and fourth offense DUI/OWI *Implied consent law violations (refusal to provide a breath or urine sample) *Underage DUI/OWI *DUI Manslaughter

We also handle the restoration of driving privileges that have been suspended as a result of DUI or implied consent law violations. Don’t let the decision to drive your vehicle after a drink or two impact your job, your driving privileges, or your freedom. Retain the services of one of the toughest DUI defense firms in the state of Indiana. Contact Michael Jeffries & Associates to retain a DUI defense attorney that has unmatched records of success when it comes to defending clients in criminal jury trials. Remember, however, that in order to secure a trial by jury, you must request it within the allotted time or you lose that right. Contact our Danville, Indiana office immediately.

DUI/OWI Investigations in Central Indiana

Most individuals who are arrested for drunk driving are stopped by the police after a moving violation, are caught in a DUI/OWI checkpoint, or are involved in a traffic crash. Regardless of how the police come into contact with you, the investigation will involve several phases. If the police conduct a traffic stop, they will first observe your driving pattern for obvious signs of driving under the influence. The police officer will then passively examine you for physical indicators of intoxication, like slurred speech, unsteady stance, bloodshot eyes, et cetera. The law enforcement officer may ask you to submit to voluntary roadside exercises or a breath test. They will also inform you that if you don’t cooperate, your license will be suspended. The successful prosecution of an OWI case in Indiana depends upon the on officer properly executing all phases of the investigation. Each Indianapolis DUI attorney at Michael Jeffries & Associates has built his/her reputation by breaking down prosecutorial cases in countless trials.

Professional and Reputable DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether this is your first arrest or you have had multiple DUIs in the State of Indiana, you need to retain the services of a reputable DUI/OWI criminal defense team. If you’ve been charged with DUI, OWI, or a related crime in Indianapolis, Danville, Brownsburg, Plainfield, or Avon or in Hendricks, Montgomery, Putnam, Marion, Boone, Johnson, or Morgan County or anywhere else in Central Indiana, contact the attorneys at the criminal defense firm that has built its reputation on successfully defending its clients. To schedule an appointment at the Danville office of Jeffries Law, LLC, contact us at 317-451-8544.