Experienced Indiana Attorney With State Wide Practice Helping Many Expunge Criminal Records

On July 1, 2013, the State of Indiana made major changes to the Indiana Statute that allows criminal arrests and records to be sealed or expunged. With these changes, many people with criminal arrests and/or criminal records, including juvenile records, can have those convictions sealed or expunged, which means they would be taken off of their record or have the conviction sealed. This would deny access of the conviction to any potential employer or anyone doing a background check on that individual.

With these sweeping changes to the Indiana “Expungement Statute”, Central Indiana Attorney Michael Jeffries of Jeffries Law, LLC, has helped many residents in Hendricks, Marion, Boone, Putnam, Morgan and surrounding counties clean up their criminal history.

Reputable And Experienced Attorney Michael Jeffries Can Help You Clean Up Your Criminal History

Whether you only have one arrest/criminal conviction or several, let the experience of Central Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Jeffries of Jeffries Law, LLC help you clean up your criminal history. Apply for jobs without the fear of your past convictions hindering your chances. Call Attorney Michael Jeffries of Jeffries Law LLC at  317-451-8544. to schedule your consultation today!