Danville Attorney Representing Individuals in Child Support and Custody Modification Actions

The Indianapolis family law attorneys of Michael Jeffries & Associates, LLC represent parents who seek modification to existing child custody, support, and parenting time (visitation) agreements. When parents go through a divorce or separate, they usually have their lawyers draft a child custody agreement that’s in the best interest of the child(ren) and all parties concerned at the time. Circumstances can change dramatically, however, for one or both parents in the years following a child custody agreement or a support order. When an existing agreement or court order no longer makes sense for the parents or the children involved, the attorneys at the Hendricks County family law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates can help you get the modification that you require..

Modifications to Support, Custody, and Visitation in Indiana

At Michael Jeffries & Associates, our clients request modification to their existing custody, support, and visitation orders for a variety of reasons:
  • Loss of job or change in income
  • Change in disparity of income between the two parents
  • Severe illness
  • Changes in needs of the child with regard to health or education
  • Scheduling changes due to employment
  • Geographical relocation
  • The other parent has become unfit
  • A parent was previously declared unfit, but now wants to reinstitute rights

If you believe that you have grounds for a custody modification, parenting time schedule, or support order, our family law attorneys can review your case and advise you of the viability of your petition.

Danville, IN Lawyers Representing Family Law Clients

If you are a Central Indiana resident who requires a modification of an existing arrangement, our family law attorneys can help. Perhaps you’ve lost your job and need relief from your court ordered child support payments. Or maybe your child’s other parent was recently promoted at work—changing the income calculation for child support. You may even have decided that it’s in your child’s best interest to just spend some more time with you. Whatever the basis for your petition, our seasoned family law attorneys can help you obtain the modification that you need.

Professional Indiana Family Legal Advice

Regardless of the reason for your modification request, the attorneys at the Indiana law firm of Michael Jeffries & Associates are ready to press your rights. We represent clients in Indianapolis, Danville, Avon, Brownsburg and Plainfield and in anywhere in Hendricks, Montgomery, Putnam, Marion, Boone, Johnson and Morgan Counties and anywhere else in Central Indiana. To schedule an appointment at the Danville office of Michael Jeffries & Associates, contact us at 317-451-8544.