When someone has been injured in an accident, they might wonder why they may benefit from getting the help of a personal injury lawyer. Those who are injured due to the negligence of others may be able to seek and recover damages for a variety of different losses. An injury attorney may help to maximize the amount their client is ultimately able to recover.


A Personal Injury Lawyer Knows How to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies notoriously either try to offer settlements that are too low or to deny the responsibility of the drivers they insure for causing the accident. A personal injury attorney is accustomed to negotiating with insurance companies in order to secure higher settlements for their clients. They may do this by properly valuing the claim and collecting evidence demonstrating the merit of their client’s case.

A Personal Injury Lawyer May be Better at Valuing Claims

When a settlement offer is extended by an insurance company, it is important to make sure it is sufficient to cover all of the losses, both economic and non-economic. In addition to past medical expenses and property losses, injured victims may also recover money to pay for future expected medical expenses, income losses, losses in the quality of life, pain and suffering and others. A lawyer may be better-equipped to value these different categories of damages due to their understanding of the law and how to arrive at the monetary amounts that should be received by their client.

An Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer May Help to Show Your Claim Has Merit

In cases in which an insurance company tries to show that the injured person is not as injured as they claim to be or that their driver is not responsible, an attorney may then work to demonstrate that their client’s case has merit. They may do so by reviewing and collecting all medical documentation, accident reports and police reports concerning their client’s injury and treatment for it. They may also use an investigator to interview witnesses and to document the scene. The lawyer may get the opinion of experts regarding their client’s injury or an accident reconstruction expert to provide reports about how the accident occurred.

Dealing with the stress of an accident, as well as injuries resulting from it, can be overwhelming. Michael Jeffries at Jeffries Law will be able to advise you about your case.


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