If you have been charged with a DUI, you may wonder if you really need to seek help from a criminal lawyer in Indianapolis. Even if you were intoxicated, the fact of your charges may not be used as evidence against you. A criminal defense attorney may be able to devise a defense case that can secure a more favorable plea or that could result in the suppression of evidence against you in your case.

Negotiating Plea Offers

Even if you had consumed alcohol at the time you were charged with drunk driving, a criminal defense attorney who has practiced in defending against DUI allegations might be able to negotiate for a favorable plea. DUI cases are treated harshly under Indiana law, and an attorney who practices in the area may understand how to negotiate with the prosecutor assigned to the case.

A good lawyer may be able to get plea offers for their clients to alternative sentences that do not involve jail. They may also be able to secure plea offers to lesser offenses or ones that will not result in the loss of driving privileges. If a plea offer is not extended, an attorney may then help by advocating for their client aggressively through court hearings and trial to protect their rights.

Evidentiary Motions

A trained DUI attorney may review the police reports and evidence collected in your case to look for constitutional problems with the way you were stopped, the way roadside tests were performed or the manner in which your breath or blood sample was collected, tested and analyzed. Upon a review of the reports, the attorney may then write evidentiary motions seeking to suppress evidence against you in your case.

In the event there was no reasonable suspicion that you were committing a traffic or other offense when you were stopped, the attorney may be able to successfully argue to suppress all of the evidence, leading to a dismissal of charges. If the testing or analysis was performed incorrectly, the problematic testing or result may be suppressed for use by the prosecution against you. This may lead to your receiving a much better plea offer or an outright dismissal.

Even if a prosecutor extends an offer to you, you may want to consult with a criminal defense attorney about the advisability of accepting it. Attorneys like Michael Jeffries of Jeffries Law will be able to provide you with the advice you require.


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